Network General Manger


Appointive Director’s Data Form

06 February 2020

Elected as Network General Manager:
05 May 2020

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte appointed broadcaster par excellence Ms. Katherine Chloe S. De Castro to the last seat in the PTNI Board of Directors. She was also rightfully designated as Network General Manager. Having parents who are considered royalty in the broadcast industry, Ms. De Castro has TV production and management running in her blood since her conception. She literally grew up in the Newsroom as her mother, Ms. Arlene Sinsuat-De Castro is celebrated for her works in the fields of News and Public Affairs. Of course, who does not know Vice President Noli De Castro, inarguably the most recognizable face on Philippine television. Despite her sterling family background, Ms. De Castro was able to stand on her own merits with her involvement in ABS-CBN and Bayan Productions. She has been a media practitioner since 2001. She honed her know-how in civil service after having served as the Undersecretary for Public Affairs, Communications, and Special Projects in the Department of Tourism (2016 to 2018) and President of the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (2018 to 2020). She graduated from Miriam College with a Degree in Communications and is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Ms. De Castro is a recognized specialist in TV production, program conceptualization, scriptwriting, administration and management. Previous coworkers wholeheartedly attest to her persistence, doggedness, drive and benevolence.